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We are proud to say, we can provide you the fast service in town, “same day photo shoot” meaning you will get your photos on the same day we take your photos!

(PPS)PER PIECE SHOOT:  We are able to photograph the perfect amount of products every time. Photo shoot is charged based on the number of main styles and additional colors. Products will be worn by a model, and photographed on a background specified by you.

(HRS)HOURLY SHOOT: We require 2 hours minimum shoot for studio.
Please note - Photo shoot concept we like to work with the client’s needs if you have any questions please contact us.

Popular background choices:

1.       White / super white

2.       Ivory

3.       Grey

4.       Beige with wood floor

5.       Black

more color backgrounds are available.

Web Banner Photo
This type of photo shoot is great for your website, it can be done at the Studio or Outdoors, and can be done as a PPS photo shoot.For quick life style banner around DTLA outdoor we provide services for a half day rate starting at $1000 with editing  
Providing: Makeup artist, Coordinator, and Model

Look Book Photo
Look Book Photo Shoots can be done at the Studio or on many locations. For different concepts that can be provided for the client’s need, please contact our Online Manager  directly to discuss the specifics of the photo shoot. We will give you the best estimated quote to be working better with you.

Unrecognized Photo
All of our Shoots are done on Amazon-approved White Background.
Providing: Makeup artist and Model

Tabletop Product
All of Tabletop Product Shoots that are done on the White Background are guaranteed to be Amazon-approved. Contact us directly for details.

With no minimum pages required.
We also provide catalog page designs and can provide the prints under the same roof.

Video photo
This service is provided with the outdoor photo shoot and look book (BTS) behind the scenes
If you like to have a video provided with the studio photoshoot, please contact our online manager

You won’t be disappointed when you check out our selections of models
we provide the best and best rates only.
Since we are not an agency we do not ask for the agency fee as well.
We provide all types of female and male models from young to old, different ethnicity, different sizes from small, curvy, and plus.

please contact us anytime to access our model page.