Things you must do as a client:
*Please bring the clothes steamed before the photo shoot date, and also have all tags removed.
Things you must know as a client:
*Some items do take longer to photo shoot than others, for example, Jeans, Bodysuits, Leggings, Prom/wedding dresses, swim wears, and lingerie.
*The items Prom/wedding dresses, swim wears, and lingerie. are not allowed to the promotion price.


Q:             How does the promotion price work?

-          We provide the model fees, but it will be chosen from the in-house model and matching with the studio’s schedule. Quantity of sample minimum 5pcs.

-          This also gets you free agreement form, edits, and 2 choices of photo size ( Amazon or Fashion go)

-          We also have over 30 different models we use for the promotion price.



Q:             How long until we receive the photos from the studio?

-          We like to work fast, you can receive your photos within same day or one day

-          All will be sent through EMAIL only

Q:             When do I need to give the samples?

-          You must drop the samples off to the studio, and must come pre-steamed and no tags, before the photo shoot date.

Q:             How many shots do I receive per piece?

-          The main color of one style will get 4 shots (front, natural, 45’ side, back) and additional colors will get 2 shots (front, back OR front, 45’ side)

Q:             Do you have any discounts?

-          We do have “member’s package” with high quantity, for this information you must call into have a meeting before we give more information.

Q:             Are we able to view the models?

-           to receive the password you must fill out your contact information.

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